Sony Image Data Suite

Sony Image Data Suite 3.2

There are 3 apps: Image Data Convertor, Lightbox and Remote Camera Control

Sony Image Data Suite consists of three applications: Image Data Convertor SR, Image Data Lightbox SR and Remote Camera Control. The most interesting application is Image Data Convertor SR that enables the processing of raw files (RAW file is an original Sony image format which saves uncompressed raw data taken through an image sensor when a still image is shot) from Sony DSLR cameras. This program offers a nice tool palette (although it does lack correction of geometric deformations) to improve shots. It provides adjustments for white balance, tone curve, exposure and sharpness and also allows users to set the Creative Style for the image. The adjusted images can be printed, saved as RAW files or converted into another supported file format, such as JPEG or TIFF.
Image Data Lightbox SR is an image management application that allows you to manage images in your computer system and make basic changes. It allows easily comparing several images to choose the best ones quickly. Users can view a shooting data screen and small histogram.
And for more experienced users, the software comes with Remote Control which enables navigating through the reflex with a computer. It allows you to remotely control some Sony DSLR cameras remotely.

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